Quests in reality – thrilling adventures in St. Petersburg’s scenery

Venice of the North attracts everyone who loves unusual experiences, emotional adventures. Admirers of classical architecture, fans of big city entertainment, or underground culture find something to be keen on here. Today, exciting quests in reality line up with the city’s advantages – St. Petersburg has become even more exciting with them.

Our Advantages

Claustrophobia has games for any team, with various scenarios, for the most demanding customers. Our guests roam across a “cursed” house, get on board a sunken ship and have an opportunity to compete with the great Houdini. Claustrophobia’s quests in St. Petersburg are not standard escape rooms but rather:

  • Full immersion into the atmosphere and suspense – from the very beginning you feel immense tension and have a completely new experience you’ll remember for long;
  • A well-written, fine story – all our reality quests for St. Petersburg have a thoroughly planned final, as well as a logical, coherent structure, that’s why the rating of our offers is so high;
  • Mysteries and puzzles precisely corresponding to the declared level of complexity and type – we’ve got quests in St. Petersburg for teenagers, children, and adults, for experienced teams and beginners.

Immerse yourself into a new reality with Claustrophobia.


Would you like to have a great celebration of New Year or arrange a unique birthday party for yourself or your friends and relatives? Then you’re in the right place! The best quests in St. Petersburg are at your disposal. Having played once, you’ll certainly want to come back. And thanks to a wide choice of scenarios you won’t have to try any quest twice. You are going to deal with spaceships, medieval castles, chemical laboratories with strange things certainly happening in them, and much more…

We’ve got several quests for children in St. Petersburg where parents can arrange a great party which the pampered new generation is certainly going to like. For the adults, our creative team of authors has prepared most complicated, tricky, and really brain-twisting puzzles. We’ve got the best quests in St. Petersburg, so come and see it for yourself. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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