Фотография квеста «White river»

White river ru

Этот квест в данный момент недоступен

Age limitations: 16+

— Who is he, you ask?

Just a man. No name or history.

And did he live at all?

Did he think it would end like this? One who was surrounded by blind adoration for the most beautiful women in the country. One who was idolized by numerous disciples. The one whom cult personalities looked up to and dreamed of working with.

It was he who made the legendary comedy, which became the favorite film of Stalin himself. It was he who built his Hollywood behind the Iron Curtain of the USSR. And then... And then he literally became an invisible man. His name was cut from all credits. And he himself disappeared without a trace — as if he had never existed anywhere and never.

It’s time to revive the great names.

Categories: For 1-2 players

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