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Этот квест в данный момент недоступен

Age limitations: 18+

This story began many years ago. Then, in 1972, the Japanese metabolic architect Kisho Kurokawa began work on the creation of a unique Nakagin tower from 140 individual capsules in Shimbashi, one of Tokyo’s neighborhoods. Who would have thought... However, we will not distract you with stupid talk. Welcome to the experiment!

We will not say how much time you will spend in the White Cube. But you must take turns completing all 8 tasks strictly within the allotted time. Not a minute more — you have no “spare” attempts.

What will these tasks be? You will not learn about it from us. Not now, not later—until you find out for yourself.

What exactly is considered a mystery and what is your goal? No hints. No hints. No help. This time you will have to rely only on yourself. There is no second chance.

And by the way, did you know that the flight of the human body from a height of 12 floors to the ground takes only 4 seconds? ..

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Tehnologicheskiy Institut
Moskovsky prospect, 22T
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