Фотография квеста «White corner»

White corner ru

Этот квест в данный момент недоступен

Age limitations: 16+

One girl. One disease. One story.

Ridiculously honest. So much so that it will be difficult for you to believe in its reality. Perhaps some of you would prefer that everything you SEE, LEARN and FEEL remain just fiction? ..

“A series of black numbers

— four by four

— an even hour after an even hour ... ”

You can think of this as another bedtime story. But do not be surprised that the night will be sleepless and endlessly long. Or will it never end at all?

“Get up, children, in the white corner.

There will be life like black coal”

Do you want advice? Do not sing along to this simple children’s song for anything in the world. And if it suddenly seems to you that you have met an angel, do not tell a single living soul about it. Never.

Warning: this quest is not suitable for impressionable and emotionally unstable players. The story involves drawings of people with mental disabilities and depictions of scenes of violence.

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