The board game «Claustrophobia. Awakening»

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“Claustrophobia. Awakening” is meant for 1-4 players aged 12+. The average time for the game is 60 minutes.

— What is expected for the players:
— a unique legend with the introduction text in each game area
— 5 story lines and 9 variants of ending based on the decisions made
— full gameplay for 6+ hours with the possibility of saving the result The game includes:

A gameboard:

— 122 game cards
— 18 location cards
— 9 fortune cards
— 20 action tokens
— 6 cards for saving the game
— a book of stories
— a book of rules
— a pencil and a memo pad

Information about the product

What is our life? Isn’t it a mystery? The mystery which can only be solved by the lucky few. What are you willing to do to make your loved one alive? The board game “Claustrophobia. Awakening” is not just another game where you have to solve tricky puzzles and that’s it. This is a story that asks complicated questions. You are to find answers together with the main character Samuel. But are there always right ones?...
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